Adhan: The call made by a Muslim man for prayer.

Alhamdulilah: All praise be to God.

Allah: Name of the Creator of all the worlds and whatever is contained in them.

Dawa: Medicine in Swahili.

Dhikr: Remembering God, either with the words of the tongue or within one’s heart.

Eid: A festival, marking either the end of Ramadan or the pilgrimage.

Hadith: A saying of or about the Prophet Muhammad.

Hadith Qudsi: A saying attributed to God by the Prophet, which is not part of the Qur’an.

Halal: Whatever is lawful according to Islamic jurisprudence.

Hamd: Praise.

Haram: Whatever is unlawful according to Islamic jurisprudence.

Hijab: A veil or headscarf.

Iftar: The meal that breaks the fast, usually just after sunset.

Ijazah: A written or verbal permission given by a teacher to his or her student to transmit their learning.

Insha’Allah: If God wills.

Isnad: Chain of transmission.

Istikarah: Asking for what is good from God when one is not sure in choosing between things.

Kerygma: The essence of Christian apostolic preaching.

Mujahideen: Those who fight in the way of God according to His laws.

Niqab: A piece of fabric that covers a woman’s face.

Rahim: Most merciful, specifically in granting a continuous stream of blessings.

Rahman: Most merciful, specifically by creating.

Ramadan: A lunar calendar month during which Muslims fast from daybreak to sunset.

Riba: Usury.

Sahih: Authentic in the science of hadith or correct in jurisprudence.

Salam: Peace.

Salams: Slang used by English-speaking Muslims to describe the greetings of peace exchanged between Muslims.

Salat: Formal prayer during which verses of the Qur’an are recited, that starts with the words, ‘God is Great’ and includes bowing and prostration.

Sharia: A comprehensive body of religious law defining acts of worship and human interactions.

Shukr: Being grateful in thoughts, words and actions.

Sira: Biography.

Subhanallah: Exalted is God.

Sunna: The words, actions and attributes of the Prophet, as well as the words, actions and attributes of others commented on by the Prophet.

Tahajud: Night prayer other than the obligatory ones.

Tawbah: Repentance.

Tawhid: Attesting to the oneness of God.

Yayla: Turkish highlands.

Zakat: A portion of one’s wealth that is given by a Muslim to the needy.